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Top-Flo® Granulated Salt

Cargill® Food Processing Salts

Top-Flo® Granulated Salt is a food grade, granular, white crystalline, sodium chloride manufactured under stringent process control procedures by vacuum evaporation of raw, untreated brine. Top-Flo® Granulated Salt contains Yellow Prussiate of Soda as an anti-caking agent.

Product Application

Intended for a variety of food-processing applications, including baking, cheese manufacturing, meat processing, seasonings and prepared mixes. Non-food applications include acting as a carrier or a chemical and bulking agent in many household and personal care products.

Product Certifications

Cargill® Top-Flo® meets USDA, FDA and Food Chemicals Codex for food use.
Cargill® Top-Flo® is certified Kosher for Passover (OU-P) by the Orthodox Union.

Allergen Status

In accordance with the 2004 USA Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), no allergen declarations are required for this product.

Storage and Shelf Life

Salt products do not have a shelf life in the traditional sense. Salt will not spoil or support pathogenic growth. Please see the following information regarding Shelf Life, Caking Resistance, and Storage conditions:

Shelf Life: Indefinite

Caking Resistance: Caking resistance varies depending on the crystal size, additives and storage conditions. End use application should be taken into consideration when determining acceptable product life in regards to caking resistance. Cargill® Top-Flo® is YPS treated granulated salt with an estimated caking resistance of 9-12 months. Storage Conditions: To improve caking resistance, product should be stored in a dry, covered area at humidity below 75%.

Physical Information

Physical MIN Target Max
NaCl (%) 99.7 99.8 100
Ca & Mg as Ca (%) 0.04
Sulfate as SO4 (%) 0.2
Water Insolubles (%) 0 0.002 0.02
YPS (ppm) 0 5 13
Bulk Density (#cu/ft) 69 81 84
Bulk Density (g/l) 1105 1300 1345
Surface Moisture (%) 0 0.03 0.1


Sieve – USS 30 Mesh Retained 0 0 50
Sieve – USS 40 Mesh Retained 3
Sieve – USS 50 Mesh Retained 56
Sieve – USS 70 Mesh Retained 38
Sieve – Retained on Pan 0 3 10

Why Cargill?

  • Salt products are an integral part of Cargill – one of the world’s largest food ingredient providers and a recognized leader in the food processing industry.
  • Our products go well beyond standard and high purity salt: Our Alberger® brand, Microsized®, Premier™, CMF®, sea salts, and our sodium reduction solutions such as Potassium Pro® and FlakeSelect®, make up the most extensive product line in the Industry.
  • All products are produced under HACCP manufacturing practices and audited by a third party food safety firm.
  • We offer full EDI capabilities for customers who need to exchange information via Electronic Data Interchange and the only online ordering portal in the industry,
  • Cargill’s nationwide distribution capabilities, combined with the best logistics and customer service specialists in the business, ensure that you get the right salt at the right time.