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Diamond Crystal® Winter Melt® Ice Melter

The ice melt standard

Winter Melt® ice melter contains large and small Sodium Chloride crystals for greater melting speed and longevity.

  • Works down to 5°F/-15°C
  • Does not leave oily residue
  • Available in 10, 25, and 50 lb.bags

Directions for Use:
Remove slush and as much loose snow as possible before ice melter application. Spread Winter Melt® evenly across surface area. Apply ½–1 cup per square yard, depending on ice thickness and air temperature, as needed. Reapply as necessary. When ice and snow soften, remove slush and any excess ice melter from pavement for good concrete maintenance.

Technical Informaiton

This product is intended for use as an ice and snow removal agent and is mined from underground deposits in Ohio, New York, or Louisiana.

Chemical Analysis

Component CAS Number Typical
Sodium Chloride (dry) 7647-14-5 96%

Methods of Analysis

Methods of analysis are based on ASTM E 534 and Cargill internal methods. Products meets ASTM D 632 Standard Specification for Sodium Chloride.

Producing Locations

This product is packaged at various Cargill locations throughout the USA. Product of the USA.

Storage information

  • Salt crystals contain sodium chloride, which may harden and cake if exposed to moisture
  • Close and reseal container tightly to keep product dry, or place in a moisture-proof container
  • Store in a dry place
  • Always store ice melters out of reach of children and pets